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FunderPro is a rapidly growing prop firm that started its operations in early 2023, revolutionising the approach traders engage with financial markets by opening doors to lower-risk trading opportunities. They’ve meticulously structured their challenges to ensure traders across all experience levels have an equitable chance of succeeding, without impeding their journey toward trading triumph.

Welcome to our in-depth FunderPro review. Through rigorous research, we critically assess various aspects of proprietary trading firms to offer you a well-rounded view before you embark on your trading journey.

In each review, we scrutinize the difficulty of the funding models, providing insights into the challenges traders might face. We pull back the curtain to reveal the owners of these firms, considering their influence on the company’s direction and trader support.

Additionally, we explore each firm’s scaling plans, examining the roadmap they provide for their traders’ growth and success. Most importantly, we evaluate the actual feasibility of obtaining funding, based on real success rates and the firms’ financial transparency.

Join us as we dissect the operations of these trading firms, simplifying your decision-making process by highlighting what matters most.


Daily profit payouts.

Generous 80% share of the profits.

Freedom to trade without restrictions on the length of the trading period.

Scaling up to $5,000,000.

Leverage 1:100.

Overnight and weekend holding allowed.




Above average profit targets.

Gary Mullen, the CEO of FunderPro, along with his dedicated team, has exerted tremendous effort in developing a challenge that he promises will be “a game changer” within the realm of proprietary trading firms. This bold step comes as they simplify the trading arena by doing away with complex trading stipulations and offering traders an unrestricted timeframe to fulfill the challenge.

The team is thrilled to extend a global invitation to traders, enabling them to demonstrate their trading prowess and leverage FunderPro’s capital, thus providing them with the potential for tangible profit growth. Furthermore, Mullen is confident that the plethora of additional resources provided by FunderPro will significantly enhance traders’ strategies and execution, assisting them in achieving superior outcomes during their collaboration with the firm.

Behind FunderPro’s is the Red Acre Group, a trailblazer in the fintech realm renowned for its state-of-the-art technology that forms the cornerstone of its business model. The group stands as a vanguard of expertise in various sophisticated sectors, encompassing fintech and blockchain innovation.

CEO of FunderPro Gary Mullen

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