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MyForexFunds faces regulatory freeze in Canada & US, halting operations. Discover the impact, upcoming legal proceedings, and the ...

Top Rated Prop Firms
Top Tier Trader

TopTier Trader provides funding up to $600k for skilled traders worldwide. The platform uses a 2-Tier evaluation process to assess trading skills over 40-70 days. Successful traders join the TopTier Proprietary Trading Firm, managing funds without strict time limits or profit targets. The signup fee is refundable after the first payout

OspreyFX Review

OspreyFX empowers traders to access liquidity from leading investment banks, signifying you can trade on ultra-narrow spreads, beginning at 0.0 pips. They partner with a host of major banks and institutions across the globe, which permits them to route all your orders straight through a bona fide ECN trading atmosphere.

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