City Traders Imperium

City Traders imperium

Boasting four decades of expertise, CTI presents traders the opportunity to trade a variety of assets, armed with robust strategies. The firm is dedicated to steering its clients towards financial self-sufficiency, a target achievable through one of their three comprehensive funding programs.

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Scaling Plan

12% Drawdown

Good education provided for traders.

Instant funding model available


Stop loss is mandatory

City Traders Imperium is the brainchild of Daniel Martin and Martin Najat. With over twenty years of trading experience, Daniel Martin has committed to coaching traders, focusing on the importance of mindset and strategic approach for consistent trading success. Instead of stepping back after achieving his own financial freedom, he chose to set a new goal: to develop a global network of proficient traders.

Martin Najat, who played a key role in City Traders Imperium’s inception, became a notable figure in Smart Money Concepts trading. His shift to full-time trading was bolstered by adopting the trading psychology imparted by Daniel Martin. Co-founding the firm was driven by his vision to empower traders with limited capital. His career as an investment analyst in London was just a starting point; he aspired to contribute actively to City Traders Imperium’s mission to cultivate a group of adept traders.

For those interested in Martin Najat’s perspectives and daily endeavors, his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles offer a window into his world, featuring regular updates and insights.

Daniel Martin and Martin Najat

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City Traders Imperium aims to guide traders towards financial freedom with its robust funding programs and extensive trading expertise over four decades.
TopTier Trader provides funding up to $600k for skilled traders worldwide. The platform uses a 2-Tier evaluation process to assess trading skills over 40-70 days. Successful traders join the TopTier Proprietary Trading Firm, managing funds without strict time limits or profit targets. The signup fee is refundable after the first payout
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Read our full review.
Read our full review
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