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FundedNext provides an opportunity for forex traders to enhance their financial standing by offering access to funding of up to $300,000. This enables traders to pursue trading as a full-time career and potentially expand their trading activities. Traders have the flexibility to select from a variety of funding programs tailored to their trading style and goals, including the Evaluation Model, Express Model, the streamlined One-Step Stellar Challenge, and the comprehensive Two-Step Stellar Challenge.


Welcome to our comprehensive review of Funded Next. throughout this review, our aim is to provide a snapshot of Funded Next. so that you have a better understanding of

  1. The overall difficulty level of challenges
  2. The pro’s and con’s of Funded Next
  3. Who the Owner of Funded Next is.

We also provide a final rating of challenge difficulty, funding model, payouts and customer service.
This review should cover any concerns or questions you may have had about Funded Next


Provides immediate access to Phase 1 & Phase 2 trading account details.

Allows for a trading balance up to a substantial $4 million.

Operates without any imposed time constraints.

Permits positions to be held open through nights and weekends.

Continues profit distribution even if account rules are violated.

Access to professional trading psychologists at no cost.

Includes an option for account scaling


5 minimum trading days

No news trading with express accounts

Who is the CEO?

Abdullah Jayed is celebrated for his visionary contributions to the digital and retail trading spaces. In 2016, he launched Jayed Corp, aimed at fostering worldwide employment and streamlining daily life. He’s acclaimed for initiating ventures like Growth Alliance, MoneyBackFX, and eComChef, each quickly ascending to market prominence. His subsequent venture, FundedNext, a thriving multi-million-dollar trading firm, stands as a beacon in the proprietary trading sphere.Jayed advocates for the pursuit of dreams to achieve one’s ambitions, a philosophy embodied by FundedNext. Here, he empowers traders to leverage their skills for funding, propelling them towards greater capital and profit-sharing opportunities.

Funded Next CEO

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Funding Model

Trust Rating

Funding Model

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